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The raw materials of corn-starch, protein, fiber and oil-are very versatile and found as an ingredient in many foods.

Corn Feed


A major use for corn in ND is livestock feed, in whole or ground corn, corn silage, or dried distiller’s grains — a co-product of ethanol production.

Corn Fiber


The ND Corn Council is proud to support value-added research for development of products that use corn fibers. Read more about value-added research here.

Corn Fuel


Ethanol, the clean burning fuel made from corn, is produced in 5 plants in North Dakota. Learn more about ethanol and where to find it here.

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Get To Know Your Council Members:

District 1: Carson Klosterman, Wyndmere, ND

The North Dakota Corn Utilization Council (NDCUC) welcomed new board member Carson Klosterman of Wyndmere, ND at their April meeting in Fargo, […]

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