The North Dakota Corn Utilization Council (NDCUC) members approved funding for 25 research projects in the 2021 fiscal year at their annual Research Summit on December 3, 2019. These projects will be completed by researchers from North Dakota State University (NDSU), and the University of North Dakota (UND). The projects approved for funding are:

Dr. Janet Knodel, NDSU, looks for evidence of corn rootworm beetles in a field near Casselton, ND.


  • Jump Starting Mycorrhizal Colonization in Corn Following Non-Host Crop, Mike Ostlie – NDSU
  • Evaluation of the 60-inch Row Strategy in North Dakota Corn, Mike Ostlie – NDSU
  • Comparing Corn Yield Response to Side-Dressing N at VT Versus Conventional Practices, Jasper Teboh – NDSU
  • Assess the New Recalibration of K Requirements for Corn to Improve K Fertilization Decisions, Jasper Teboh – NDSU
  • Improving Abiotic Stress Resilience and Nitrogen Utilization Efficiency in Corn, Kalidas Shetty – NDSU
  • Corn Response to Sulfur Application Rates, Amitava Chatterjee – NDSU
  • Fertilizer Nitrogen Use Efficiency of Corn, Amitava Chatterjee – NDSU
  • Identify Resistance and Parasitism Genes Associated with Infection of Corn Roots by Root-Lesion Nematode, Guiping Yan – NDSU
  • Using UASs for Site Specific Weed Management in Corn, Paulo Flores – NDSU
  • Drone-Based Technology for Early Detection of Palmer Amaranth in Corn Fields, Ravi Yellavajjala – NDSU


  • Strategies to Increase the Physical Stability of Corn Oil Oleo-gel and the Oxidative Stability of Cookies, Bingcan Chen – NDSU
  • Production and Characterization of Expoxidized Sucrose and Maltose Ester of Corn Oil, Ewumbua Monomo – NDSU
  • Self-Healing and Recyclable Polymeric Material from Corn Sugars, Guodong Du – NDSU
  • North Dakota Corn Production for Application Specific Opportunities Benefitting Corn Community: Sustainability Analysis of Bio-Based Alternatives for Packaging, Ghasideh Pourhashem – NDSU
  • Corn-Based Bioethanol for High-Efficiency Electricity Generation in Ground Vehicles and Hybrids, Xingfa Wu – NDSU
  • The Production of 1, 4-Pentadiol from Corn Stover Derived Levulinic Acid, Wayne Seames – UND
  • Conversion of Corn Stover-Derived Lignin, Wayne Seames – UND
  • An Economical Corn-Based Corrosion Inhibitor, Ravi Yellavajjala – NDSU
  • Biochemical Synthesis of Corn-Based Biomaterials for Making Edible Bale Net, Ademola Hammed – NDSU
  • Plastic Films from Corn Derivatives for Food Packaging, Adriy Voronov – NDSU


  • Impacts of Roughage Source on Feedlot Performance, Ruminal pH, Ruminal Fermentation in Steers Fed 30% mDGS in Combination with Dry-rolled Corn, Bryan Neville – NDSU
  • Impacts of Feeding Corn-Based Supplement on Beef Heifers and Their Offspring, Carl R. Dahlen – NDSU


  • Monitoring for European Corn Borers and Corn Rootworms in Corn, Janet Knodel – NDSU
  • Effect of Plant Protection Products on Goss’s Wilt Severity and Protection of Yield, Andrew Friskop – NDSU


  • Managing Salinity with Cover Crops: A Whole System Response (Year 4), Caley Gasch – NDSU

The NDCUC awarded $821,000 to the projects listed above. We are proud to sponsor this research and bring advancement in production, soil health, livestock management and value-added projects to our checkoff paying producers.