BISMARCK, N.D. – By choosing Unleaded88, a higher-octane fuel containing 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent gasoline, drivers across North Dakota helped raise $1,600 for breast cancer awareness as part of the 2nd annual Pink at the Pump® campaign, co-sponsored by the North Dakota Ethanol Council and North Dakota Corn Utilization Council.

Sixteen North Dakota retail stations offering Unleaded88 participated in this promotion by donating three cents of every gallon of Unleaded88 sold from Oct. 1 through Oct. 31 to North Dakota Women’s Way.

“We are grateful to be the recipient of Pink at the Pump® promotion. The funds will be used to extend our reach to women across North Dakota,” says Susan Mormann, North Dakota Women’s Way director. North Dakota Women’s Way provides a way to pay for most breast and cervical cancer screening services for eligible North Dakota women and promotes early detection of breast and cervical cancer through provision of screening services to eligible women.

“Petro Serve USA stations across the state welcomed the opportunity to be part of this campaign for North Dakota,” says Kent Satrang, Petro Serve USA CEO. “We are honored to contributing to Women’s Way knowing the great work it is doing on early detection of breast cancer.”

“North Dakota’s corn growers are proud to be a partner in this effort,” says Terry Wehlander, North Dakota Corn Utilization Council chairman. “Ethanol is the world’s cleanest source of fuel octane. By choosing Unleaded88 during October, consumers fought breast cancer at the pump while supporting North Dakota’s corn farmers.”

Unleaded88 is a fuel blend containing 15 percent ethanol, just five percent more ethanol than E10, the most commonly used fuel in the U.S. Unleaded88 is often sold at a 5- to 10-cent per-gallon discount to E10 and is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for use in all 2001 and newer vehicles.


Contact: Deana Wiese, NDEC Executive Director